Building High-Quality Links: Why it’s Important More than Ever

By now, you’ve probably encountered satisfied business owners who tried SEO services. A handful of clients are happy with the results from link-building providers like Ardor Media Factory, for instance. They say it’s a risk definitely worth taking—but let’s say you’re sceptical. You’d like to know more.

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SEO, in general, takes the spotlight in improving websites’ traffic, and eventually, business sales. But is enough light put to the role of link-building? What is its primary use? As a business owner, why should link-building matter to you? Why is it so important today to build a high-quality link profile?

Link-building’s role

They say websites are just like us. Without the right friends—the right connections—we can’t really make it. This is exactly true for your business in today’s digital age. If you want to make it to the top (of Google’s SERP), you have to make the right connections. In your website’s case, you have to build a network of high-quality links.

Importance of high-quality links

Google has criteria for ranking web pages, which include link profiles—or the network of links that lead back to your website. While building links is essential, building high-quality links is even more crucial. And this is even true despite the possibility that tweets and +1’s will overshadow links.

Let’s say all your other ranking factors (page-level link, content, and brand features, and so on) are working well. Everything’s fine. But what about your links? This is where your link profile’s quality comes into play. According to Moz, link quality makes the stark difference. Why?

Quality first

Quality is crucial because Google pays special attention to it. This has been evident since they launched the Penguin in 2012. Before that, people practiced backlink spam everywhere. Blackhat practitioners manipulated search engines by spamming pages with low-quality links. This affected the user experience, too.

But then came along Penguin, which has been blocking webspam and filtering out poor-quality links since its launch. Guilty spammers saw a decline in their rankings. So, needless to say, to avoid dreaded penalties and downranking, your link-building strategies better aim toward quality, before anything else.

If you have a good number of top-quality links, then it’s safe to say you have a high-quality link profile. If you have the latter, search engines will rank you higher in their SERPs.

Beyond traffic and ranking

Beyond ranking and traffic, why should a business owner like you build a high-quality link profile? These days, it’s difficult to build connections with our hectic world. Building links is a great solution to that.

With link-building, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. While you’re reaching out to influencers and bloggers for links, you’re also building a different network of high-quality individuals. You’re building links and long-term relationships. If you get along well, they can give you a vote of confidence—even without links to your website.


Overall, businesses shouldn’t only build high-quality links. Building links can also help you build high-quality connections. That’s the reason why link-building is important more than ever. And while you can do this on your own, it’s better to leave it to the experts.

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