Representative Mike Rogers, is this balanced security?

Earlier this week I received a letter back from Representative Mike Rogers, who wrote back to me with a disappointing and startling letter. In it Mr. Rogers states”Please rest assured that I will be closely monitoring these developments and working in Congress to ensure America continues a reasonable balance between security and privacy.” The way he words his letter seems to indicate he is in support of our current choices of the “enhanced pat down” and ogling body scanners.

WGVU reports Airport Pat-Downs Often Ineffective Security Stop

As you may have gathered, I am not. The fact that, to travel, I have to submit to my government touching me or using a device to peer through my clothes is disturbing and frankly, if were not the U.S. government doing it (so you or I did this to someone) it would be sexual assault. It seems odd that Mr Rogers, who states in his bio “led the fight to protect children from sexual predators” would endorse these methods.

Though I doubt I will be graced with more prose from Mr. Rogers – though I welcome it here, I am asking you if you feel this video from the The Daily Patdown represents the reasonable balance between security and privacy.

From the site

In other news “Boehner Names Mike Rogers Intelligence Committee Chair“. Seems to me that this puts Mr. Rogers in a prime position to suggest changes to the TSA policy.

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