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Where are the updates?

Friends and family and even a couple site visitors have asked that a lot lately . My last entry for the portfolio section was in March 2011. In internet terms that is a lifetime ago. I had a hand in helping Blohm Creative Partners design the Online Geography Site for Michigan State. My friend Derick note The Advisor Board – Crimsoncoded it up.

Almost of the work I am doing now, I  can’t talk about. I am doing incredible work for amazing companies, maybe some will end up featured on the Cynergy site. But, NDA’s confidentiality, and yet to be released products make it impossible to share on a personal site.

Concept: Meal Planning iPad App

I have been thinking about an app for meal planning for a couple weeks. I was watching/helping my wife plan a trip to the store and it dawned on me that planning meals should be easier. We generally know what we want, but at the end of a day filled with work, chasing kids and everything else, we tend to go for whatever we can think of. Often its the same rotation of tacos, pizza and ummmmm… We struggle to keep the menu interesting AND affordable.This weekend I figured I would start designing the idea. I am looking for a developer(s) that wants to program this idea! If you are interested in the idea. Let me know. Continue reading Concept: Meal Planning iPad App

Redesign: Bookworm Gardens

A new wider, brighter site for Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

About Bookworm Gardens

Bookworm Gardens is a vibrant, playful children’s garden that enhances literature, the natural world, and the imagination. Located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the garden is adjacent to UW Sheboygan and is across from the UW Extension offices which house the Sheboygan County Master Gardeners.

The 2 acre garden will offer the young and young at heart the opportunity for free, unstructured play in a beautiful and secure environment. Classes in horticulture, literature, art and cooking will be offered, as well as concerts, plays and special events.

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